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USB Lash Kure (Nano)Mister

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Slim and sleek, the Nano Mister quickly and effectively cures (hardens) the eyelash extension adhesive while hydrating your client's lashes and the eye area. The ultra fine mist of moisture will help cure the adhesive immediately. This means, no more waiting the usual 24 hours before getting eyelash extensions wet after an appointment. Also sometimes referred to as a nebulizer, it significantly reduces any irritation caused by the adhesive during application.

GladGirl Nano Mister White

Nano Mister for Lash Extensions Cures Lash Adhesive – Lash Affair

Uses: Cure the Eyelash Extensions at the end of each appointment, The Nano Mist Sprayer uses nano-meter atomization technology, which enables the

USB Nano Mist Sprayer

Nano Mister – The Kat Beauty

【Nano Mist Sprayer】Ultrasonic vibration technique decomposes the moisture to 0.3um.produces the finest ionic mist spray that moisturizes, moisturizes

Nano Facial Mister Mini Portable Mist Sprayer Face Humidifier USB Rechargeable Handy Skin Care Machine for Face Hydrating, Daily Makeup, Eyelash

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High-quality Nano mister with ultra-fine atomization mist accelerates and solidifies any cyanoacrylate adhesive within seconds. Simply fill with

USB Nano Mister

Nano Mister, Mate2GO Eyelash Nebulizer Nano Facial Mister Cool Mist Steamer Handy Mist Sprayer Moisturizing & Hydrating for Skin Care, Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, USB Rechargeable - New Pink : Beauty

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Convenient combination: package includes 1 piece USB mini fan, 1 piece nano mini facial steamer, and 1 piece lash mirror, all the 3 products are in

3 Pcs Nano Mister for Lash Extensions Mini USB Lash Fan Dryer for Eyelash Extensions Handheld Lash Mirror Portable Facial Steamer 20 ml Water Tank for

Nano Mister – The Kat Beauty