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Sassi Eyelash Glue- Clear

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SASSI - EYELASH GLUE DARK, Each piece is $4.99, This natural waterproof latex-based glue keeps your lashes on through the fiercest of nights and the

Anti - Fungus Natural Extracts Added Dries Quickly Waterproof Durable - Holding Power

Sassi Eyelash Glue Clear 1 oz

Sassi Eyelash Glue 1oz (Dark) Production Date shown on Bottle : Beauty & Personal Care

Sassi EQ Eyelash Extension Glue, 1/3oz

Sassi lash glue - clear

Sassi Salon Eyelash Glue, Dark, 2 oz Bottle by Sassi : Beauty & Personal Care

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Sassi Eyelash Glue available in 4 sizes Mini tube 1oz small bottle 2oz medium bottle and 4oz Jumbo Bottle Available in-st…